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For a World in Peace
Invitation by Venerable Dagpo Rinpoche

Peace in the world, founded in equity and mutual respect.


Causes for concern: The outlook is bleak and deeply worrying:
• wars and massacres take place around the world, with no end in sight;
• epidemics and famine gain ground daily;
• economic imbalance becomes more pronounced;
• climatic disturbances have become more marked, the effects of which we have only begun to see.

Grounds for Hope: Factors that encourage optimism:
• advances in science and technology have opened the doors to new possibilities;
• modern means of communication and information exchange enable a broader knowledge and understanding of other cultures;
• peace movements have brought forth new awareness and solidarity.

Alarmed by the unceasing tragedies across the world yet encouraged by initiatives being taken, we believe that there is strength in union and even the smallest positive efforts will produce results.